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Our Vision & Core Values

We provide at home rehabilitation and restorative therapy for people suffering from a disability, or recovering from surgery or injury, with the goal of getting you back on track!


We understand how important freedom of movement is to you and to the quality of your life and we aim to help with a combination of professional care and preventative advice.


We treat patients across Queensland’s Great South East, from the Northern Rivers of NSW to the Caboolture in:


  • Private residences,

  • Communities,

  • Retirement villages; and

  • Residential aged care.


We are available 7-days a week and welcome referrals from General Practitioners, Specialists, Case Managers, Community Nursing and other Health Care Providers.



We aim to aid our clients on the path to functional independence with the hopes of improving the quality of life, both in the home and in the community.


Some people may find managing their recovery difficult and, because of their specific situation, may also find transport to and from appointments problematic.


Back on Track Physiotherapy aims to ensure continuous care and treatment is always available and our mission is to provide rehabilitation and restorative therapy to all those in need.



Our strong core values ensure the integrity and performance of our company, providing the framework for how we communicate and work with our clients.


We, at Back on Track, embrace and promote the following values:

  • Client’s First: Our number one goal is the most beneficial outcome possible for our clients. We aim to achieve this through compassion, understanding and putting our clients’ needs first when assessing and planning their treatment.


  • Ethics & Professionalism: We are subject to peer review and conduct our services according to the standards of practice and codes of ethics set down by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. Meaning, our patients can always feel safe and comfortable in any session.


  • Quality: We approach therapy based on the foundation of evidence-based, whole-patient treatment: aiming to improve not only the condition, but the lifestyle, environment and habits associated with that condition.


  • Empathy: We are diligent in our recruitment and have staffed our team with compassionate therapists who genuinely care about their patients: their health and improving their quality of life.


  • Integrity: We commit to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice in all of our endeavours and confront all patient issues with genuine care.


  • Confidentiality: Any and all information we acquire as a result of our work is treated as strictly confidential and will never be shared or sold to third parties.

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